In which I discover a wormhole through time, space, and the GTA transit system

I’m pleased to say that my new commute — involving the same destination, but an extra bus transfer — actually takes 15 minutes off my trip on the way home. I’m at a loss to explain how this could be so, since my tactic is to catch a bus in order to transfer to the same bus I was taking before, which in theory, should be on pretty much the same kind of timetable as before. So I should, in theory, be getting home at pretty much the same time as I always did. I do have to get up and go to work a half-hour earlier, of course, but since I seem to be getting back 15 minutes at the end, it only amounts to about 15 extra minutes I’m spending at work — which I was doing while waiting for my bus in the afternoon, which I don’t do anymore. Now, I just get that 15 extra minutes in the morning, when it’s more relaxing. If this is something of a confusing read, it’s appropriate, since I’m not sure if the new way really is better, as it seems to be somehow, counter-intuitive as it may be. Of course, it’s definitely going to be worse in the winter when I have to trudge through the dirty snowbanks at the side of Derry Rd. at the end of the trip, which will probably turn what’s now a five-minute walk into at least twice that. So I’m still looking for alternatives that might allow my workplace to move closer to home.

On a completely unrelated note, the host of the syndicated version of The Weakest Link just doesn’t have it. Anne Robinson set the tone by being cruel, scathing, and faintly dominatrix-like, but this guy just comes off as just kind of flippant and gay — although that last part is mostly due to his Greg Proops glasses. Thumbs down to the syndicated version of The Weakest Link, although it’s still better than Rendez-View, which may be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. Hey Proops — instead of just sitting around weighing in with snarky comments about the two people you’re watching go on a date, why don’t you try going on a date yourself or something? It’s not like you’re on Hardball discussing weighty poitical issues or something, so your talking head act just looks incredibly jejune and irrelevant.

In more positive news, I got more mail for “Ruddy Ruddy”! Awesome!

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