Twitching with joy

Yes! Twitch City is back on TV, and in a fantastic bit of luck, I discovered this just as the pilot episode was beginning. It’s easily the best non-Degrassi show the CBC has ever aired, although Snake does make an appearance in this episode. So does the King of Kensington, who gets beaten to death with a bag of cat food cans by one of the main characters (Daniel MacIvor), setting the whole premise of the show in motion: Said character goes to jail, leaving his recently-evicted girlfriend (the super-cute Molly Parker) to eventually hook up with his shut-in housemate (Don McKellar, who you may know from his other projects with the show’s producer/director, Bruce McDonald). Former Kids in the Hall Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney also make appearances as a talk-show host (McCulloch plays the character in the first few episodes, and McKinney takes over later) in a show-inside-the-show, which might give you an idea of the offbeat tone of the short-lived but hilarious series. Tune in to Showcase at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, right before Trailer Park Boys.

Speaking of Trailer Park Boys, there’s a little old guy who works at the Mr. Sub (dig their flashy website!) near my office who wears glasses as thick as those worn by Bubbles from that show. It’s actually kind of disconcerting because the way the light refracts through the bottle-thick lenses, I can never tell when he’s looking at me, and the way he squints to keep the glasses on his face makes him look just a little irritated, so I always feel like he’s annoyed with me for not responding immediately when spoken to. I’m also not crazy about the way he tries to make two subs at once. It doesn’t go any faster, but it does confuse the situation so I get the wrong stuff on my sub. Mark my words: That guy and I are gonna tangle. We’re talking violence fight.

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