Ruddy Ruddy Redux, again.


Ruddy Ruddy mail #10 came in today. The good news is that I’ve gotten three in three days. The bad news is that I’m starting to just get the same ones over again. Yesterday, of course, it was my second copy of the Book of John. Today, it was another envelope from RealSimple. I already have one that looks just like it. It’s tough to get really excited about this one, but I guess it’ll help fill out the wall.

Update: Ruddy Ruddy is in debt! I opened this one up and it was a bill for my new magazine subscription, which I didn’t actually order. RealSimple is just trying to trick me into thinking I owe them money.

That’s really sleazy. I say: Let them come after Ruddy Ruddy. Let them try to make him pay. Let them come banging on his — my — door. “Who the hell are you talking about?” I’ll say. “That’s not even a name.”

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