Ruddy Ruddy, you’ll be a woman soon


I’ve taken a sick day to recover from a hideous cold and I finally feel up to blogging again. Coincidentally, fellow Golden Words alumnus Joey DeVilla seems to be doing exactly the same thing today. Has he been French-kissing hobos behind the bus station too? Curious.

Anyhow, the latest mail for Ruddy Ruddy comes in flagrant defiance of all the other mail received so far that’s been addressed to Mr. Ruddy Ruddy: This one’s from Stayfree, maker of maxi-pads and other feminine hygiene products noted for their remarkable leak protection, and it contains a free sample.

I have three conclusions here:

1. If I thought the Pepsid was a handy one to have around just in case one of the girls at work needed it, this could be even more life-saving.

2. If I find that the Imodium fails in my hour of need, I might just be able to use this myself.

3. If you’re signing up to get free stuff in the mail, pick an ambiguous name that leaves your gender in doubt. That way, they’ll send you everything, just in case.

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