The harrowing adventures of Ruddy Ruddy


Thanks to my newfound knowledge (bestowed upon me by Ian) of how to link to my own posts (and I’m a complete tool for not being able to figure out something so extremely simple), I present the easy guide to Ruddy Ruddy’s adventures. I’d sort of been meaning to compile them at some point, and Jay gave me a good excuse, since he may well have sent me a visitor or two. (Good god — with three references to him in as many posts, I might as well just retitle this blog “Jay” and be done with it.) Anyway, here are the posts, in chronological order:

Ruddy Ruddy
In which I discover a wormhole… (Ruddy Ruddy content extremely minimal)
Ruddy! Ruddy! Ruddy!
Ruddy Ruddy #4
Ruddy Ruddy Redux
My love affair with forbidden books
Ruddy Ruddy #8
Who will save Ruddy Ruddy’s soul?
Ruddy Ruddy redux, again
Ruddy Ruddy, you’ll be a woman soon
Who will save Ruddy Ruddy’s soul? (Part 2)

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