This is your Ruddy Ruddy on drugs


Imported from Ruddy Inc.

Over the past while, Ruddy Ruddy has been sent a number of drugstore items: shampoos, conditioners, skin cream, maxipads, anti-diarrhea caplets (check out this guy trying not to befoul the hot tub he’s sharing with two lovely ladies), and topical creams to treat herpes simplex. However, last night marks the first time, I’ve received pharmaceuticals I can really abuse: painkillers.

I’ve got me some Motrin. Specifically, I’ve got two caplets of Super Strength Motrin IB ready to limit the production of prostaglandin whereever I’m feeling pain. With 400 mg of ibuprofen, it’s the strongest over-the-counter pain medication money can buy, and I’m sure it’ll come in handy for Ruddy Ruddy’s menstrual cramps.

But can I get anything stronger? This gives me a new goal: Get a prescription filled in the name of Ruddy Ruddy.

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