Be a Ruddy Buddy!


Just a quick update to mention that there’s no news. Well, there’s no news in terms of Ruddy Ruddy mail coming in. However, I’ve been given an idea by a couple of enthusiastic visitors from across the pond, Katherine and Rosie, whom I’ve named official Ruddy Buddies. Because the few people I’ve named official Ruddy Buddies so far (i.e., Katherine and Rosie, plus my neighbour Elizabeth) seem to have been thoroughly delighted, I’m thinking there should be an official Ruddy Ruddy booster club.

I have no idea how much interest there might be for such a thing (although people seem to like the Ruddy Ruddy), and I haven’t really thought out what joining up would entitle one to. However, membership will be free. I suppose that if you e-mail your name and mailing address to me, I’d probably mail you a membership card denoting your good standing as an official Ruddy Buddy. It would probably be numbered. It could possibly include your own ridiculous Ruddy-Ruddy-like pseudonym (which I might just take the liberty of selecting for you). And, of course, it would be signed by Ruddy Ruddy himself.

Of course, I might just be collecting names and e-mail and mailing addresses to sell to marketers. This could be just a really elaborate direct-mail scam. But, it’s probably not. Ruddy Ruddy wouldn’t do that to a buddy.

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