Going out on a high note


Before you get your hopes up, I’m not closing down this blog. This is simply a short account of a short event today at work, presented for you in the form of a one-act play in which I employ the wisdom of George Costanza.


Two COWORKERS and a MANAGER are gathered in the middle of an office, huddled around a blueprint on the floor. ANOTHER GUY enters the room, followed by an handsome COPY EDITOR whose eyes twinkle with intelligence and mischief.

OTHER GUY: Hey, what’s this? (he stoops) The new office? Where am I going to be sitting?

MANAGER: On the top floor.

ATHLETE RELATIONS WORKER: Up with the executives?

COPY EDITOR: Up with the pigeons!

ALL: Ha! Ha! Ha!

COPY EDITOR: (moving toward the door with a wave) Well, that’s it for me. I’m outta here! (exit)

COWORKER #1: He’s going out on a high note!

COWORKER #2: Like George Costanza!


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