Mooseheads, mooseheads, roly poly mooseheads


My chest pounded with excitement yesterday when I found an envelope addressed to “R. Rudy” in my mailbox. Why the excitement? For one thing, the address was handwritten, and I tingled with glee to think that somebody actually saw the name “Ruddy Ruddy” and spelled it out by hand (if badly), rather than some computer simply spitting out the name onto a label. But the excitement largely stemmed from the name of the sender: Moosehead Breweries Limited.

Please let there be coupons for free beer inside, I thought, ripping it open. However, it was not to be. Instead of coupons for fine New Brunswick lager, the envelope merely contained a folded-up poster depicting a close-up of the label of a bottle of Moosehead, beaded with droplets of condensation. The motto “Quality & Tradition Since 1867” was emblazoned in the upper right hand corner.

This motto raises an interesting question. The company website says, “Moosehead, our beers are brewed with a century-old commitment to quality and excellence.” However, the company has been brewing beer since 1867, which was 137 years ago. So, either the website hasn’t been updated since the company centennial 37 years ago (unlikely, since the first design paper for the Internet precursor known as the ARPANET was only published that year, and Moosehead probably wasn’t so far ahead of the curve as to already have their own website at that point), or Moosehead has had a commitment to quality and tradition all along, but didn’t really care one way or another about excellence until 1904.

Other than the motto on the poster, there were no words whatsoever in the envelope. Usually, when Ruddy Ruddy gets sent free stuff, there’s some kind of accompanying letter that explains why it’s been mailed (usually a baldfaced claim that Ruddy Ruddy asked for it). This was just a poster in an envelope, sent for no clear reason, although it seems like this might be the way something could arrive if I actually had requested it and therefore expected it. Since I didn’t, Moosehead’s reasons for sending it to me must remain obscure. Nevertheless, I’m thankful, for this poster will be a fine addition to the Wall of Ruddy Ruddy, whenever I get around to putting that back up.

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