My money shot

After dragging myself into work today, I was getting myself a cup of coffee in the little office kitchen. I was opening up the little plastic cup of cream and managed to squirt — ejaculate is an apter word for what happened — the entire thing all over the front of my pants. A real money shot. It looked absolutely obscene.

Knowing that it would leave nasty, suspicious-looking stains, I soaked the front of my pants with water and scrubbed away until I realized how appalled my co-workers would be if they knew I was rubbing their dish sponge all over my crotch. Then I shrugged and went on scrubbing furiously. Eventually, I got to a point where I looked merely incontinent, rather than perverted. I scurried back to my cubicle and sat there for the rest of the morning, shielding my shame with my desk.

But while I was there, I found the Powerpoint Anthology of Literature. Enjoy.

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