The tea of Lethe

I just noticed that the label copy on our container of Lipton China Black tea describes it as “A purifying, cleansing high altitude tea whose bright colour and lusty aroma wipes your mind’s slate clean for a fresh start.”

That’s terrifying! I’m scared to go in the kitchen now. You don’t even need to drink the stuff; if you even see or smell someone making this evil potion, your personality, skills, and memories — everything that makes you who you are — will be wiped away and you’ll be reduced to the mental level of an infant. It’s like drinking from the river of Lethe in Greek mythology. Or to put it in more familiar terms, it’s like when the Nomad probe wiped Uhura’s mind on Star Trek. By the end of the episode, Spock was still teaching her to read again.

I’m calling to see if we can get a HAZMAT team to remove this stuff. I’m not having any of this tabula rasa business!

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