In which my quip suffers a miscarriage


Q. What’s more frustrating than when you’re telling a joke and someone “steps on your line” by interrupt–
A. No, never mind. It wasn’t that funny anyway.

Today, I was telling someone, “Sure, I used to play Dungeons and Dragons when I was in high school. There’s not to do in a little town like Brockville except, you know, kill goblins. But after you’re done that, you just want to sit down and do something quiet like play Dungeons and Dragons.”

But it’s kind of hard to catch the subtle implication that my hometown is actually full of goblins when, right after I’ve said the first sentence, some other buttinsky is braying, “You know, I’m not surprised at all that you used to play Dungeons and Dragons.”

So frustrating. At least I wasn’t interrupted this morning when I told a heavily pregnant friend, “I hope you don’t mind, but I was trying to impress the new girl and I told her that that was my baby.”

But perhaps I should have been, come to think of it.

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