Endless Summary Vol. 14: 20/20


One-sentence capsule summaries of Beach Boys songs, album by album.

  1. “Do It Again”: Mike wants to go surfing again.
  2. “I Can Hear Music”: Carl turns in an excellent Ronettes cover.
  3. “Bluebirds Over The Mountain”: Mike turns in a so-so Ersel Hickey cover.
  4. “Be With Me”: Go be with Dennis.
  5. “All I Want To Do”: Mike wants to do it to you all night long.
  6. “The Nearest Faraway Place”: The boys play an instrumental by Bruce.
  7. “Cotton Fields”: Al covers the popular folk song; returns to cotton fields back home.
  8. “I Went To Sleep”: Brian falls asleep on a park bench.
  9. “Time To Get Alone”: Carl wants to go tobogganing with you.
  10. “Never Learn Not To Love”: Dennis orders you to submit to his love in a song co-authored by Charles Manson.
  11. “Our Prayer” (recorded for Smile): The boys sing a wordless a cappella invocation originally intended to begin Smile.
  12. “Cabinessence” (recorded for Smile): A crow repeatedly flies over a cornfield as Chinese labourers build the railway, says Carl.

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