Happy birthday, Tom Darby!


Every year on April 5, I make a point of mentioning that it’s Tom Darby’s birthday. Inevitably, I’m asked who Tom Darby is, to which I respond that he’s just some guy I went to school with.

I never get tired of doing this.

(Plus, it’s very easy to then lead the conversation around to how I always remember his birthday because it’s three days before my own, so it’s a good way of reminding people to get their last-minute birthday present shopping done.)

2 Responses to “Happy birthday, Tom Darby!”

  1. 1 Jeanette Antczak

    Saw your website giving tribute to Tom Darby. Who is he? I also went to school w/ a Tom Darby in Wisconsin, Maple Grove Grade School.
    Please reply.

  2. Different guy. This one’s from Brockville, Ontario.

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