The box step


In the spirit of Brian McFarlane‘s It Happened in Hockey book series, there’s a thread on the Hockey’s Future message board about the oddest things ever to take place on the ice. There’s some good stuff there, but here’s one that made me laugh out loud:

One night in MSG, referee Wally Harris awarded penalties for dancing to two players who had dropped their gloves and circled for over a minute with no blows being exchanged. Crowd roared with laughter and Rangers coach, Emile Francis almost wet himself when the penalties were announced. NHL president Clarence Campbell, later to embark on a life of crime, was not amused.

A minor penalty in hockey is punished by a two-minute sentence in the penalty box. But, officially speaking, these ones were probably given for fighting, a major penalty. That’s five minutes for dancing.

P.S. This is from another thread, but I find the idea of Manute Bol playing a game for the Indianapolis Ice pretty weird too. And hey! Isn’t that Saddam Hussein on the ad on the boards below him?

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