The most inept that ever stepped


We recently broke up our international marketing department, and now the domestic ad writers are taking over those duties despite not having any experience doing so. Here’s a sample from one marketer’s rewrite of someone else’s previous ad, excerpted from one document meant to be used, with minor variations, in the British, Italian, and Singaporean markets:

If you can accept that Great Britain/Rome/Singapore City wasn’t built in a day, then you should be able to realize that building a great physique will take time. 


I’ve been using the “Rome” saying for years just as I thought everyone else did, but I guess that here in Canada, the saying should be “Ottawa wasn’t built in a day.” As far as teaching these folks how to write international ads is concerned … well, these things take time.

One Response to “The most inept that ever stepped”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    That brings back some memories….What I find even more disturbing than the complete indifference to the correct usage of the phrase, is the qualifier “If you can accept that.” It’s not like were talking about evolution here people! I fear that there is a direct correlation between low carb diets (or is that controlled carb?) and inability to compose a logical sentence.

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