Che Gorilla


I work in a pretty young office. At 31, I’m probably older than the average age for my department. A lot of the managers are still in their twenties. One of them showed up last casual Friday wearing a T-shirt a lot like this one:

Image hosted by

Pretty cool, eh? A fresh spin on all that Che Guevara merchandise that has America’s favorite Communist revolutionary spinning in his grave.

“Is that Cornelius?” I asked.

“It’s Che Gorilla!” he said.

“Yeah, but that’s Cornelius, right?”

“It’s Che Guevara,” he explained slowly, “with a monkey face.”

“Yeah, but it’s the hero monkey from Planet of the Apes, right?”

“Oh.” He shrugged. “Dunno. I’ve never seen it.”

Let me repeat: He’s a young guynot a stupid guy. And it’s an old movie. But still, there he was, wearing this cool T-shirt without even understanding half of what made it pretty awesome. What a waste.

7 Responses to “Che Gorilla”

  1. 1 SamuraiFrog

    That is a pretty sweet shirt. Wearing a Che Guevara shirt is pretty poser, though, and not knowing who Cornelius was is pretty poser, too, so, I’m going to call double pop culture poser on this guy.Boy, that was a whole meaningless thing I said there.

  2. 2 Matt

    It doesn’t seem that far out of the ordinary, when you think about it. After all, if you asked half of the kids wearing regular Che Guevara shirts to explain why he’s a significant historical figure, I’ll bet they couldn’t do it.

  3. 3 Greg

    As a 21 year old, I’ll say this: I wouldn’t wear that shirt, but I like Planet of the Apes. (The movie, not the planet)

  4. 4 James P. Wall

    Man, whatever happened to the day when the most extreme and out-there shirt you could purchase was one that said “Princess” on it in glitter? People need to find better jobs.

  5. 5 Heather

    Saddest moment of the summer: I was flipping through the racks somewhere in Kensington Market, and a soccer mom asked her two girls under the age of 14 which t-shirts they wanted. Both children chimed in, “Ooo Che Guevara! Those are like, so cool!”*Sigh*

  6. 6 Anonymous

    Dude, I’ve never seen Planet of the Apes and even I knew it was the planet of the apes guy in that guy’s beard and beret. What band’s that Che guy from, anyway? He effin’ rocks and I’d totally download all of his MP3s if I could remember the name because his band’s da shits!

  7. 7 anonymous

    Che was a med student cum murderer. Rightly so that he be portrayed as a primate…he was just slightly a little more than one…

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