Well, yeah, that’s true, I guess


Every now and then, someone will make a statement that is inarguably, incontrovertibly true yet somehow misses any sort of salient point and leaves you speechless with the staggering force of its sheer inanity.

For example, I was once trying to convey to my housemate Brain-Damaged Toula just how delicious the fries at a restaurant called the Copper Penny were. (The secret: They’re seasoned with chicken stock.)

She nodded knowingly, then her eyes lit up. “You know where else they have good fries? Those chip wagons.”

“…” I said.

The chip wagon is a Canadian thing. It’s a truck parked by the side of the road, out of the back of which french fries are sold. It’s not really what I was talking about, but homemade fries are always pretty good, I guess.

Another time, I was watching an old episode of Friends with Brain-Damaged Toula’s boyfriend, who was waiting for her to finish getting ready. It was the episode in which Joey and Chandler don’t want to hang out with Monica’s older boyfriend Richard (played by Tom Selleck), but abruptly change their minds when they discover he has Knicks tickets.

Brain-Damaged Toula’s boyfriend burst out laughing. “Who wouldn’t want to go to a basketball game with Tom Selleck?!”

“…” I said.

Well, yeah, that’s true, I guess. I mean, going to a basketball game sounds like it would be fun. It’s always kind of a big thing to go to the arena even if you’re not really into the sport. And it would be neat to meet a celebrity and hang out. If I could have my pick of TV detectives, I’d probably go with James Garner, but Tom Selleck seems like a pretty good guy too. So really, who wouldn’t want to go to a basketball game with Tom Selleck? Maybe we could hit a chip wagon along the way.

2 Responses to “Well, yeah, that’s true, I guess”

  1. 1 Kendal

    I will probably get beaten with a stick for saying this, but that’s not how that Friends episode goes. Joey and Chandler and trying to figure out who to take to the Knicks game, because they have three tickets and Ross is busy, and Monica suggests Richard because she wants the three of them to get along, and they agree to spend time with him, at first because there’s a chance they can ride in his cool card, and then because he’s like a ‘cool dad’ to them.

  2. 2 Peter Lynn

    Oh, you’ll get beaten with a stick, Kendal, because I went to the trouble of looking this up in an episode guide only to find you’re right. I stand corrected.

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