Ha, ha, Mr. Jokes.


This morning after finishing my oatmeal, I left the unwashed bowl and spoon in a co-worker’s inbox. It took him a frustrating amount of time for him to notice it, but when he did, he was incensed. “No rush,” I said. “As long as you have it washed and back to me by the time I’m in on Monday morning.” That didn’t calm him down as much as I’d expected.

I’m pushing my luck, because he’d already sworn vengeance for a joke another co-worker and I pulled on him about a month ago when we got our Christmas bonuses. We usually get a hundred-dollar bill tucked in a Christmas card, and this year was no different. However, I lent my bill to my co-worker to tuck in with his own, and we wandered over to our victim’s desk.

“Two hundred bucks!” my co-conspirator marveled. “That’s fantastic. Really generous.”

“Yeah, right,” said our victim. But his eyes went wide when my co-worker pulled out the bills and fanned them. “Holy shit!” he said.

“Why? You didn’t get that?”

“No! Did you?” he asked me.

I shrugged. “I haven’t got mine yet. Maybe you should check your envelope again.” He looked inside. He blew into it. Nothing.

“Well, he has been working a lot of overtime this year, so he definitely earned it,” I said. This was calculated to further infuriate our victim, who has worked more unpaid overtime than anybody else.

“Five years of loyal service … five years,” he muttered, his face crimson with outrage.

We eventually let him in on the joke, and, to his credit, he took it pretty well—better than the guy my co-conspirator pulled it on last year at his old job, who he says was practically in tears and ready to quit. “It’s the best way to make someone miserable at Christmas!” my friend laughed, handing me back my hundred-dollar bill.

I was glad to get that back. The joke would have been on me if I hadn’t. But I’m still due another payback—with interest now.

3 Responses to “Ha, ha, Mr. Jokes.”

  1. 1 Scott

    Did you know that you use “Ha ha, Mr. Jokes” as a title for a post about every 100 days?

  2. 2 Dickolas Wang

    How often do we get a “QUIPMASTER!“?

  3. 3 James P. Wall

    Peter – thought you might enjoy this if you haven’t seen it already:http://www.gawker.com/news/books/in-book-publishing-edits-are-important-147129.php

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