Chuck Norris is dead


As even your grandmother knows by now, Chuck Norris is the comedy meme du jour. Of course, Conan O’Brien has been doing his bit with the Walker, Texas Ranger Lever for a while, but the meme was taken to a whole new level by the website Chuck Norris Facts, which presents humorous Norris-related factoids (in the true – i.e., false – sense of the word “factoid”). For example: “Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. However, he has never cried.”

It’s everywhere. Just a couple of days ago, I got into work and I found a message in my inbox sent from my own terminal remind me to log off at night, signed by one Chuck Norris. Everyone in my office is talking about it, and these are the people who somehow missed out on the whole “All Your Base” craze.

It recently got to the point that Norris himself put out a press release denying the veracity of these so-called facts, which wasn’t necessary but did afford him the opportunity to plug his new book as a means of learning the amazing but true facts about Chuck Norris.

This is of course the point at which the Chuck Norris comedy meme thing officially died. However, nail after nail is being driven in the coffin.

For example, the Wikipedia entry on Chuck Norris has been locked for some time in order to prevent vandalism by people inserting things from the Chuck Norris Facts website.

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live followed up its surprisingly successful “Lazy Sunday” short with another digital short by the Lonely Island guys featuring the Ballad of Young Chuck Norris, which wasn’t bad but was an obviously calculated cash-in on the meme.

And a couple of days ago, one of my co-workers was dismayed to tune in to the Dean Blundell show (if you’re lucky enough not to have heard it, it’s a bad sub-Stern morning radio show here in Toronto) only to hear them cackling about the same thing he’d found so funny only a couple of days before. If the local zoo crew thinks it’s funny, the joke isn’t funny anymore.

So just in case you were about to forward the funny link you found about Chuck Norris to me, yeah, I’ve seen it.

2 Responses to “Chuck Norris is dead”

  1. 1 James P. Wall

    I thought the Chuck Norris factoids (there’s also some Gary Busey ones floating about) were pretty funny the first time I read them, which was, like, sixteen years ago or whatever, before the internet was even invented, but you’re right, it’s all gotten a bit silly. Those ‘Missing In Action’ films were totally sweet, though.

  2. 2 lemuel

    So, have you seen those very, very funny Jack Bauer factoids…?/runs and hides

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