Mystery drawing


Here’s a quick sketch I scrawled on my whiteboard while venting to a co-worker several weeks back that illustrates a common phrase I happened to be using at that moment. Since then, not a single other co-worker has been able to guess its meaning. Can you?

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5 Responses to “Mystery drawing”

  1. 1 jenovus

    “Rat bastard.”

  2. 2 Chance

    Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. or possible you were using the only slightly less common phrase, “Far Side-type necklace-wearing lady rats often mate with nebulous squiggles to produce large-sized but otherwise perfectly healthy rat children.”Man, not a day goes by I don’t find some situation where that’s the perfect line.

  3. 3 Peter Lynn

    Good guess, Chance, but Jenovus gets the prize. In less than an hour, the first commenter guessed what my entire office has been unable to guess for a month. Congratulations, Internet! You are way smarter than my office!

  4. 4 Anonymous

    rat bastard? I’ve never heard of that. I was going to say ‘love rat’.- Kitty

  5. 5 Anonymous

    I too had that one right away. Unable to guess for a month? Makes me even happier that I don’t work in your office anymore. The Other Peter

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