Vile canards


In celebration of my annual review, here’s a conversation I had with my boss about unfounded rumours we’ve started about co-workers (his was that a very sweet and wholesome girl had put herself through school working as a stripper):

Me: I used to say that [certain manager] was always in a bad mood on Mondays because he had to serve weekends in jail on drunk-driving charges.

Boss: Oh, that’s bad. Is he a big drinker?

Me: Well, he is Irish.

Boss: So, yeah.

Me: Exactly. He drinks, I’m cheap, you cheat on your wife.

Boss: Do Italians cheat on their wives?

Me: Maybe that’s the French.

Boss: No, they’re rude.

Me: Well, it is rude to cheat on your wife.


2 Responses to “Vile canards”

  1. 1 TinaPoPo

    Then what do Italians do?

  2. 2 Peter Lynn

    Organized crime.I’m scared of my boss now.

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