Staple stupidity


This guy in my office always attaches documents together with the staple centred at the top of the page instead of in the left-hand corner, where it should be. This is awkward and annoying to work with.

But I finally figured out how to get him to stop: I removed his staple and replaced it with one centred in the very middle of the page. I’m going to keep doing this until he starts sticking to proper stapling protocols.

5 Responses to “Staple stupidity”

  1. 1 Dickolas Wang

    Fun fact: when The Internet’s Foremost Dickolas Wang marks assignments, he folds unstapled assignments into paper airplanes and throws them back at his students.I’ve also heard of people stapling all the way around the offending documents, creating a sort of document ravioli.

  2. 2 Nathan Thurm

    If that doesn’t work, try stapling the documents to his forehead. CHU-CHUNK!

  3. 3 Kendal

    Apparently some of the directors here get very upset about the position of the staple, which has led some of the other secretaries to ask whether they want it stapled parralel to the top of the page or the left hand side of the page. Madness.

  4. 4 lemuel

    I am no leftist nor a bloody middle-of-the-road centrist. As a proud right-winger I allways staple the right-hand corner!

  1. 1 webpage

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