Genteal Gel: Not swell


I finally found a product I disliked enough to write a review for my friend’s consumer reviews site, The Consumers Always Write. My topic is Genteal Gel. My verdict is that it is not swell. As a matter of fact, you can go straight to hell, Genteal Gel.

Click here to read it.

Much later update: Or just read below. I’m cutting and pasting in case that other site goes offline:

As artificial tears go, Genteal eyedrops are far better than Visine. Granted, I’ve never used the latter, but my optometrist says so and I know she’s right because a co-worker always borrows my Genteal instead of using her own Visine, swearing up and down that Genteal is far better. And when I went to buy more because she used mine up, the store was all sold out. No doubt about it, Genteal eyedrops are a great product.

The Genteal eyedrops were all sold out, but I noticed there were plenty of tubes of Genteal Gel beside the empty space on the shelf. There was a reason for this, it turns out. Genteal Gel is not a great product.

It’s not simply that it’s more expensive. It’s not just that you get less for more money either. It’s that it comes in a tube instead of a bottle, a tube with a long, thin, wickedly dangerous-looking nozzle. Instead of just letting the drops fall in your eye, because the gel is viscous, you’re supposed to squeeze a bead of it out of this nozzle and touch it to your eye to transfer it. This is a delicate and terrifying operation with a very real risk of an accidental poke in the eye. True, this would probably make your eye water, which would achieve the desired aim of lubricating your cornea, but you could probably do the same thing with your finger without having to drop more than 10 bucks on a tube of Genteal Gel.

Moreover, because the gel is viscous, it almost always gets trapped in your eyelashes instead of falling onto your cornea. (The eyelashes are, of course, there to keep foreign matter out, after all, and mine do a bang-up job. Consumer review of my eyelashes: Excellent.) So you end up having to rub the gel onto your eye with your finger, which defeats the purpose of using a sterile eye lubricant.

Normally, if I’m staring at a monitor and my eyes start to feel dry, I just lean back in my chair and drop some artificial tears in. With Genteal Gel, you’d have to go to the washroom and look in a mirror to improve your odds. Even then, it still requires a more delicate application than most people can perform upon themselves. You pretty much need to get a trusted loved one to apply it to your eye for you. Perhaps Genteal is banking on the idea that those lonely souls who lack trusted loved ones simply don’t require an eye-lubrication product, as they already produce plenty of tears. Or maybe the company is counting on the sheer unusability of the product making the user cry tears of frustration. I don’t know. I just know Genteal Gel is not a great product, and I won’t be getting it again.

2 Responses to “Genteal Gel: Not swell”

  1. 1 Nick Iannitti

    Hmm, sounds like quite the ordeal. What’s next? Genteal Genital Lubracting Powder? “The powder that makes her shout louder.”

  2. 2 Dry eyes

    I agree totally. I just picked up a tube of the gel thinking it was the drops and it is awful. I wear glasses and can’t see very well without them, naturally I have to take them off when trying to put in eye drops. I simply don’t have the sight and depth perception to confidentially lower the pointy end of the tube so that it touches my eye.

    The only way I can use this product is if squirt a big gob of it out and let it land on my eye.

    Since I paid $15 for this thing I am going to use the rest of it but next time I will be sure to get the drops.

    A notice to anyone thinking of buying a Genteal product make sure you don’t accidentally pick up the gel, it’s awful!!!!!!!!!

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