Secret Editor Tricks


I found myself recommending a couple of tricks of the trade earlier, which I’ll share here:

1. If I get a document in Microsoft Word format that’s full of all kinds of crazy formatting that I don’t want, such as tables or text boxes or messed-up tab settings or whatever, I just copy and paste the text into Notepad. Then I copy and paste it out of Notepad right back into Word, and this usually solves the problem. Notepad is a useful format-killer.

2. I always wear a green shirt and brown pants on Mondays (or, when I take Monday off as I did yesterday, on Tuesday). That way, if things get too hectic, I can run off and hide in the woods behind the office.

(Note: The woods are actually inaccessible today because they’ve been cordoned off with yellow tape. It’s because some workmen are going to cut down dead branches, although I convinced the intern the police put it up because someone discovered the body of a drifter back there this morning.)

5 Responses to “Secret Editor Tricks”

  1. 1 CJS

    what do you suggest as camouflage if you do not work in a nearby wooded area, but in a downtown core?

  2. 2 The other Pete

    Secret Copywriter TricksRather than dumping the text into another program you can Cut the text and Paste right back into the document. Then select from that nifty clipboard symbol that appears in the bottom right and keep text only.

  3. 3 Peter Lynn

    Other Pete: Good one!CJS: I suggest you lobby the city to put in some planters outside your office, then hide in them.

  4. 4 Kendal

    You can always go out to “deliver some documents” and stop off for a coffee and muffin.Or crawl under your desk and start crying until people do their own damn work…

  5. 5 Trite R.

    You could still go and hide back there – just be sure to wear a yellow belt.

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