“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-AH! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-AH!”


Instead of just popping my head in to say hello to the rest of my team this morning, I did Robert Plant’s falsetto screech from the beginning of “The Immigrant Song”. They agreed that it rocked much harder than a simple hello.

9 Responses to ““Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-AH! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-AH!””

  1. 1 Matt

    You’ve inspired me to kick things off on Monday by playing Ministry’s “N.W.O.” from my desk. I’ll let you know how it works out.

  2. 2 Scott

    At the very least, Triple M, you can consider that a success by my standards.

  3. 3 Nick Iannitti

    Wanna know a secret?Plant’s not singing that bit in falsetto. Sure, we rubes may imitate him in falsetto, but that’s the magic of Robert Plant: he never compromised.Just like he never compromised wearing ridiculously tight grape-smugglers on stage.

  4. 4 Dickolas Wang

    “Immigrant Song” is one of my karaoke trademarks. And I don’t falsetto it either.You have inspired me. Perhaps one day I will work/study in an office which would appreciate such a greeting instead of just thinking I’m a loser.

  5. 5 Peter Lynn

    As you leave grad school and enter the working world, remember what I say to you, Dickolas Wang: If you do “Immigrant Song” well enough not to require a falsetto and to make it one of your trademarks, then I say you just go ahead and bring it at work. It may be a tough crowd, but you can win your co-workers over with a strong performance. Especially if you wear ridiculously tight grape-smugglers — dress code be damned.

  6. 6 Peter Lynn

    Also, Matt, you just reminded me of my abandoned plan, circa 1999, to quit my shitty shoe-store job by ripping off my uniform shirt to reveal a black and white NWO T-shirt beneath, thus signifying that I had turned my back on Athletes’ World and joined the New World Order. The plan also required Scott, who worked back in the stockroom at the time, to slip a copy of the NWO theme music into the store’s sound system to accompany my heel turn. However, I think the closest thing we had was a copy of the Barenaked Ladies’ “One Week”.

  7. 7 Matt

    On the other hand:DUNGanunganunganunga DUNGanunganunganunga DUHNNNNN!DUNGanunganunganunga DUNGanunganunganunga DUHNNNNN!DUNGanunganunganunga DUNGanunganunganunga DUHNNNNN!DUNGanunganunganunga DUNGanunganunganunga DUHNNNNN!

  8. 8 Matt

    That’s actually not a bad plan, Pete. Though I will admit that having to rely on the Barenaked Ladies does throw a wrench into it.

  9. 9 Peter Lynn

    It worked out okay. The day I quit, we had a staff meeting to introduce us to our new manager, the old one having been canned for poor sales numbers. We were in a circle, and we were supposed to tell him our names and an interesting fact about ourselves. When it was my turn, I said, “My name’s Peter, and I won’t be working here after this meeting.” It amazed the room, though Scott had already stolen my thunder by quitting in a fit of pique that afternoon.

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