Rainy-Day Retard


Here’s today’s story for a rainy morning, which continues building the case that I’m functionally retarded before my morning coffee:

I was riding the bus to work, and I realized that the two girls behind me were talking about their jobs at a nearby magazine publishing company, which enjoys a close relationship with my company, as it happens to be where we buy the bulk of our advertising.

I turned around. “Sorry to eavesdrop, but do you two work over at [their company]?”

“Yes,” one girl said. “And you work at [my company]?”

I was taken aback for a second, impressed by her deductive skills. “Oh, wow. I guess you must have guessed that based on where I get off along the route,” I said after a moment’s thought. She nodded slightly and smiled a little Mona Lisa smile.

We chatted for a bit about such topics as whether the new girl we just hired away from them is really as sweet and nice as she seems (she is), and how one of them is copy editor for one of their magazines and thus gets to see how well I do my job (no comment). When I actually did get off the bus and into the rain, only then did I realize that I was wearing a cap emblazoned with my company logo. I was literally wearing a sign on my forehead saying where I work.

3 Responses to “Rainy-Day Retard”

  1. 1 Ken

    Kudos on sounding like a vitriolic jerk.

  2. 2 Peter Lynn

    How in the world you took “vitriolic” and “jerk” out of that, I don’t know. I’m merely an idiot. The girls were very nice.

  3. 3 Peter Lynn

    I’m the rainy-day retard, not them, in case you took the title the wrong way.

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