The last cup


Yesterday wasn’t so bad. All that happened yesterday, besides the small matter of my being blindsided by a wildcat public transit strike, is that our cafeteria staff switched back to the long stir-sticks from the shorter ones we had. This simply gave me occasion to complain that I’d bottomed out abruptly when sticking the stir-stick into my cup and fractured my hand. You’d be surprised how many people will believe that.

This morning, I got the very last coffee cup in the rack. “I got the last cup,” I crowed to a co-worker sitting at a nearby table. “The last cup.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m sure it’s not the last cup in the world, Peter.”

Last. Cup.” I looked down and noticed she was sitting with her luggage. “Where are you going?”

“Denver. Academic conference. Getting me some education.”

“Oho! Still learning at your age?” I said. Then I felt a little bad, because it wasn’t very nice. I wished her a good flight, then went upstairs. As soon as I got there, the lid popped off, the cup buckled, and I accidentally dumped the entire cup of coffee all over my desk.

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