If she had fooled me, it wouldn’t have been my fault, since she’s so inscrutable


One-Quarter Asian Girl: What’s that in your salad?

Me: Some kind of root vegetable, I guess. What’s the one that looks like a big white carrot? Parsnip?

One-Quarter Asian Girl: Is it a [some Chinese name I don’t remember]. Kind of hairy?

Me: Man, you shouldn’t eat any hairy plant except a coconut. And even then, you should only eat the inside, not the hairy part.

One-Quarter Asian Girl: I eat the hairy part of the coconut.

Me: Oh, you do, do you? Right.

One-Quarter Asian Girl: No! I was making that up! Jeez! I get one little bit of ethnicity in me, and you people think I’ll eat anything!

Me: First, I knew you were making it up. Second, how the hell did this conversation start off being about my salad and end up being about me being a racist?!

6 Responses to “If she had fooled me, it wouldn’t have been my fault, since she’s so inscrutable”

  1. The hairy skin of a kiwi, yes or no? Some people eat it, but I don’t think of them as stereotypical New Zealanders. You racist.

  2. 2 A Truman North

    Don’t worry. If you’re white and the person you’re talking to is not, everything is automatically about you being a racist. The same is true about sexism and other isms I forget right now.

  3. 3 Sarah

    Peaches – they’re kind of hairy. Perhaps fuzzy is the better word, but either way they’re distinctly not smooth.

  4. 4 hilly

    So did the two of you make out passionately after that, indulging in racially-mixed forbidden love? That usually happens to me, but only because I keep mistaking conversational tension with sexual tension.

  5. She’s actually super-cute. I’d be up for that.

    By the way, not that I’m saying he’s a white supremacist, but the name “A Truman North” totally screams, “White power!”

  6. 6 Steve Ely

    Man, I’m so glad the comments are working again.

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