Things I shouldn’t have said #10

  • “Peeling a label off a bottle is like seducing a woman. You have to coax it slowly and gently, but when in doubt, use your knife.”
  • “That guy’s teeth are so crooked they look like a row of knocked-over Jewish tombstones. It looks like neo-Nazis vandalized his mouth.”
  • “Yeah, I know you’ve got video of me bleeding out of my head. Why don’t you just go upload it on YouTube or something?”

3 Responses to “Things I shouldn’t have said #10”

  1. 1 hilly

    I just searched under “Peter Lynn” in YouTube and got results featuring hot air balloons, a no-budget horror movie, and “raw” “footage” of an “alien” “UFO”. No fountain of blood.

    PS: Does your blood make things dissolve like in the Alien movies? Check yes or no. thx!

  2. If he/she does upload the video in question on to YouTube, you will link us right?

  3. Hilly: No, but the sun makes my skin dissolve.

    VM: I’ll embed that sucker into my webpage like I embed ledges into my skull.

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