Things I shouldn’t have said #11

  • “Sure, we sit around and rip on people at lunch. We’re like the Algonquin Round Table. I’m a regular Dorothy Parker. Except I’m not a woman, or a famous writer, or even that witty. But I do drink a lot and sleep around with men.”
  • “This fish is ridiculous. I haven’t seen anything so battered since my mom left my dad.”
  • “Remember that old Emmanuel Lewis public service announcement where he’d say if a stranger touched you in a way you didn’t like, you should say no, then go, then tell someone you trust? I used to screw that up. Every time someone molested me, I’d stop, drop, and roll.”

2 Responses to “Things I shouldn’t have said #11”

  1. Okay, now you’re just making them up for your blog. You jumped the shark, dude.

  2. One might point out that the post is titled “Things I shouldn’t have said” and not “Things I said, but shouldn’t have”, leaving the door open to include things I shouldn’t have said and in fact didn’t.

    With that said, I did in fact actually say all of these things.

    Speaking of the Algonquin Round Table, by the way, I was reading the Wikipedia article on peripheral member Tallulah Bankhead, and I liked this quotation: “I was raped in our driveway when I was eleven. You know darling, it was a terrible experience because we had all that gravel”.

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