For those who like my “my brush with gay” posts


You know those guys who walk around selling those roses to people on patios who look like they’re on dates? Usually I get them coming up to me when I’m with a platonic female friend and I have to wave them off, which is a bit of a nuisance. But tonight was the first time one of those guys ever came up to me when I was dining with a male friend. I was like, “Yeah, I definitely do not want that, thanks.”

I’d like to take solace in the fact that I apparently came off as the male in the relationship. It’s not like he was trying to sell it to my buddy, after all. But on the other hand, I was simply sitting closer to the street and therefore more easily accessible. But on the other other hand, isn’t that what the gentleman does — take the side closer to the street?

5 Responses to “For those who like my “my brush with gay” posts”

  1. 1 Matt

    In case this comes up again when you’re out with a woman, my girlfriend recommends saying “No thanks, she doesn’t deserve it.”

  2. 2 the other Peter

    You jacka$$. If I’m going to be in a fake gay relationship with you, I’m damn well going to be the man.

  3. 3 Gloria

    The best part of “my brush with gay” is the imagery.

    And only three days after my birthday! How did you know?

  4. Aw, happy birthday, Gloria!

    Matt: That’s a good suggestion. Maybe another good tactic would be to act like the girl should be buying me the roses and get really put out when she doesn’t.

    Pete: Clearly, whichever one of us proves himself the stronger gets to be the man. This can only be settled through a wrestling match. Strip and oil up.

  5. 5 Gloria

    …. Yay, oil-wrestle! You just keep giving and giving, Peter Lynn.

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