All fled—all done, so lift me on the pyre — The Feast is over, and the lamps expire.


I ordinarily don’t like rooting through my juvenilia for a couple of reasons: First, it never seems as good as I’d remembered. And second, all the dust stirred up in the process gives me an allergy attack, and I sneeze for the rest of the night. But this old cartoon I drew for Golden Words about ten years ago came up in conversation with Kitty, and she demanded to see it, so here it is.

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(A special prize to the first person who can guess what I was reading in my early twenties, judging by the title of the post.*)

*Offer will not be honoured.

7 Responses to “All fled—all done, so lift me on the pyre — The Feast is over, and the lamps expire.”

  1. 1 Scott

    I guess that you were reading porn. Whether or not that’s the answer you were looking for I’m the first to guess and therefore I win the contest. That also makes me officially entitled to the special prize that won’t really be given.

  2. 2 Steve Ely

    You could honor the offer if the special prize were to be a four-volume set of the Peter Lynn Christmas Compilation discs, right?


  3. The winner: Steve Ely! But good try, Scott.

    Ely, Christmas is months away. Eagerness like yours is what has merchants putting up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving.

  4. 4 Steve Ely

    Not eager so much as intrigued by that track list.

  5. The other reference that leaped out at me was Garfield comics, as I remember that being the first foray into lampshade-wearing culture for me as a young boy. I believe Garfield was returning from a New Year’s party (that, of course, Jon had not been invited to) wearing the aforementioned shade.

  6. 6 Riley

    That was my first introduction to the lampshade partying lifestyle as well. However, Doonesbury is now the pop culture reference that first comes to my mind when thinking said partying.

  7. 7 Tex

    Crom. It’s almost five years later, and no one got the Robert E. Howard quote.

    (mourning that kids today don’t know their classics)

    PS —

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