A real Peter Lynn type of story


“Here’s a story you’ll like,” my friend Jo says. “It’s a real Peter Lynn type of story.”

“So I’m doing my laundry for the first time in my new apartment building. I go downstairs to the laundry room to throw it in the machine. And I’m like, ‘Cool! Front-load washers!’ Totally futuristic. So I throw all my laundry in and pour the detergent in. Then I think, ‘Wait. Why is there a lint trap in this washer?'”

“Turns out it was actually the dryer. The washing machines were in a separate room across the hall. I had to pull all the stuff out and move it, and I had to use my underwear to wipe up all the liquid detergent I poured all over the dryer. This Chinese lady totally saw the whole thing too.”

Here’s my question to you, regular readers: Does this in fact seem like a real Peter Lynn type of story? Do I come off as — no offense intended to Jo — a bumbling incompetent?

8 Responses to “A real Peter Lynn type of story”

  1. 1 Matthew Walker

    Well to be honest I guess you could describe yourself like that but I think that would be overly harsh. I think there is a real charm to these types of story because they happen to everyone all the time and therefore any reader can relate. So really I’d just say you were an average guy with a knack for telling stories.
    Wow does my first sentence even make sense anymore after that conclusion??

  2. You don’t come off as a bumbling oaf most of the time. However, the real problem with this story is that its too mundane. A true Peter Lynn story would have you first actually trying to wash your clothes in the dryer, getting laughed at by the Chinese lady, and then you verbally attack the lady with your witty satire.

  3. 3 VanillaMummy

    The more important questions you must ask: How hot was this Chinese lady and does she have a twin sister?

  4. Instead of it being liquid detergent, I think it should have been delicious honey.

  5. 5 pvk

    I think a Peter Lynn story involves humiliation of some kind, so this qualifies.

  6. 6 hilly

    There aren’t enough references to your genitalia or your predilection towards violence against small children.

  7. 7 Chris

    One time I was in a laundromat in Ecuador and a crazy women urinated in the corner next to my machine. Does that count?

  8. 8 Jo

    I have to say, it was much more entertaining when I wrote it on my blog…this DOES seem mundane. Seems that your knack for retelling MY stories, is, um…lacking? 🙂

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