“It actually looks a lot like the ghost trap from Ghostbusters.


Girl: I saw this movie on the weekend, you know, Pulse? It’s about how dead people can come through your computer in this one special frequency. It was stupid, but it was so scary. I spent all night just staring at my computer sitting there in the corner of the room.

Me: Well, you know those surge protectors — those powerbars that protect your computer if there’s a lightning strike? If you go down to Chinatown, you can get ones that also shield against evil spirits. I’ve got one. It costs a little more, but it’s totally worth it.

Girl: Really?

Me: No.

4 Responses to ““It actually looks a lot like the ghost trap from Ghostbusters.“”

  1. 1 Travis

    Today I was sanding my girlfriend’s parent’s cupboards with an electric sander that looked strikingly like a ghost trap. I started to sing the ghostbusters theme and then I threw the live sander to the floor at her feet, and yelled “Don’t cross the streams!” – the only line I could remember from the movie at that time. Alas, the only thing that disappeared was my chance of scoring anytime soon.

  2. 2 joe

    Cracked magazine really sucks ass.

  3. haha

    i saw a ghost once (i was stoned) and i was trying, with my friend, to find the number for the ghostbusters in the yellow pages…

    it took us a while to realise that we were stupid

  4. I’m trying to get Cracked to change its name to Felcher’s Monthly, but it’s a branding issue.

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