Things I shouldn’t have said #14

  • “What’s this cheque we’re making out to the church for? It’s payoff money to keep Jesus out of our face while we’re fencing here in their basement.”
  • “It’s time I solve a problem through a process of elimination. [slamming stall door] And I don’t mean deductive reasoning. [pause] I mean pooping.”
  • “I am just swamped with last-minute surprise projects today. They’re just dropping one bomb on me after another. This is the worst September 11 ever.”

6 Responses to “Things I shouldn’t have said #14”

  1. glad to see your humour is alive and well!! love the middle one 🙂

  2. 2 Gloria

    I am sorry to say number three was my favourite.

  3. 3 Scott

    Things I shouldn’t have said #1

    – I think I’ll start a blog

  4. That’s WRONG, he very much should have said that, and you’re a BAD PERSON for saying otherwise.

  5. 5 Gloria

    Oh, DIS!

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