Odd dreams I’ve had recently

  • A dream in which WWII-era American and Japanese soldiers and a herd of buffalo were all on a ship that capsized like the one in the Poseidon Adventure, and then shipwrecked on a nearby island. As tensions brewed, the buffalo, being good Americans, naturally aligned themselves with the American troops, although at least one traitor was subsequently discovered among them.
  • A dream depicting the ending of a Natural Born Killers type of movie with a pair of lovers on a crime spree getting their just deserts. The young man, for some reason, was all withered and dessicated like a mummy, and he was clearly dying. He and his girlfriend were about to be caught, and he didn’t want to die in prison, so she kissed him good-bye and then stuck a stick under his ribcage and basically pried his dessicated flesh apart until his chest burst open and he died. (This was very grisly.)
  • A dream in which I was Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Freddy Meyer IV and thus extremely popular with women.

4 Responses to “Odd dreams I’ve had recently”

  1. 1 Steve Ely

    I’ve had that third dream a number of times myself. Except for the part about being Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Freddy Meyer IV.

  2. 2 Mark

    Desserts. Unless it’s different in Canada.

  3. Unless what they deserve is cake and ice cream, there’s just one s (as in the word “deserve”). The phrase really is “just deserts”; the problem is simply that it seems to be used most often as a play on words in the name of caf├ęs that specialize in after-dinner delicacies.

    See these references on this subject:
    The Phrase Finder
    Triangle Grammar Guide
    American Heritage Dictionary

    Also note the attractive slanting arrangement of those links, which was accidental.

  4. 4 Steve

    “She…pried his dessicated flesh apart until his chest burst open” and then…she had dessert. Mmmmmm.

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