Looking ridiculous and saving lives


Well, now here’s a coincidence. Check out the comment good old Nick Iannitti left to the last post:

“It’s funny that you mention the moustache. My best buddy (let’s say an equivalent for me of one of the cardinal points of Beta Flight), currently living in Toronto, is spearheading “Movember”, a moustache pledge-drive intended to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer through campy, moustache-based culture.

Maybe you’ve already seen it, but check out movember.ca or the blog at movember.wordpress.com.

You could be looking ridiculous AND saving lives.”

Wow! Who knew that on the very same day I decided to start off the month of November with a stupid-looking moustache, a worthy moustache-growing, cancer-fighting pledge drive was kicking off? It’s a great idea, too. If you’re going to fight anything, it doesn’t hurt to look like a tough guy like Dan “The Beast” Severn or the Great Gama, both super-badass wearers of awesome moustaches. That goes double for fighting prostate and testicular cancer, because it takes big balls to proudly wear ‘staches like that.

And even if I don’t care much for being examined down there, as the proud owner of a prostate and some testicles, I definitely do not support prostate and testicular cancer. Prostate cancer killed Jerry Orbach, after all. And it seems like just such a short time ago that my friend Tyler was lamenting that everyone likes to fight breast cancer, because&#8212let’s face it, everyone likes boobies&#8212but no one even likes to think about the poor, unlamented, icky prostate and wrinkly testicles. “Everyone wears the pink ribbon to fight breast cancer,” he groused. “But no one wears a brown ribbon to fight prostate cancer.”

So as this is so clearly fated to be, I’m in. I’ve signed up. If you want to join the fight against prostate and testicular cancer, or even if you just want to ensure that I look like a douchebag with a month’s worth of questionable upper-lip growth, I welcome your support. Click this link to make a donation&#8212however large or small&#8212to this worthy cause.

[Note: You may have noticed that I use the spelling “moustache” rather than “mustache”. This is for two reasons. First, it’s the Canadian spelling. And second, Janet has demanded that I adopt her pronunciation of the word, which sounds like moostache, and this spelling better reflects that.]

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