Disturbing search strings recently used to find this blog


(… that will only pop up with increased frequency in the future now that I’ve posted this list.)

  • mom’s tits
  • ann landers and abigail van buren fucking the troops
  • clown throwing up t-shirt
  • batman in huntresses body
  • bestiality man vs cat
  • ben savage drunk driving
  • ben savage drunk driving death
  • ben savage death drunk driving
  • peter lynn

(Side note: It hasn’t appeared as a search string, but I was nosing around on the Cracked forum, and someone referred to this blog as Man Vs Cow.)

* * *

P.S. So far, I’m very disappointed in all of you. I can only conclude that, rather than favoring its eradication, you all in fact support prostate and testicular cancer. That’s the only way to explain why so far, not one person has so much as tossed a buck into the jar to support the bitchin’ ‘stache I’m growing as part of the Movember campaign. Say fifty people each threw a buck in. That’d be fifty bucks. That’s pretty respectable. And that’s not much to ask. So how about it? Click this link and go throw in a buck.

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