Scary Mary


Found via Virginia Heffernan, this remix trailer for Mary Poppins is actually kind of chilling.

Heffernan calls it a reverse tribute to the Shining trailer that kicked off the whole trailer remix phenomenon, so, for those who may have missed it, here’s that one too.

2 Responses to “Scary Mary”

  1. 1 Kelly Smith

    Your version of Mary Poppins reminded me of my old nanny Carey Dobbins. She was a frightening woman who beat me with licorace and forced me to wash my face and hands 43 times a day. Nanny Dobbins is the Blair witch of my nightmares and I wanted to thank you for bringing that painful bit of my past back to the surface…and to think I was just expecting to see a bright and comedic spot of entertainment.. I plan on billing you for the multiple ours of counseling I will be needing. Thanks again satan.

  2. Well, I suppose this is better than finding out I owe you a new keyboard because I made you spit Coke into yours.

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