A 2006 MvC! Reader


If you managed to skip the entire last year of Man vs. Clown, then, well, you obviously didn’t work in the human resources department of my former employer. 2006 was the year that this blog moved under the aegis of Cracked.com and was rewarded with a healthy boom in traffic, and thus, it may be the year that some of you read it for the first time. (No doubt it was also the year some read it for the first and last time.) If you feel you may have come late to the party — a term I use loosely, of course, as I plan to spend tonight drinking scotch and falling asleep early on my mother’s couch — or if you simply (and understandably) ignored this blog for long stretches of time and now find yourself with nothing else to read now that nobody’s posting anything over the holidays, here is a selection of posts, hastily chosen and varying wildly in quality, to help you catch up.

The devil she knows
I Fingered Bob Kane
My doppelgängers
I really shouldn’t do this so close to Martin Luther King Day
She is Spartacus II

Team Semenex shoots off all over MvC
My phone number is not 416-564-5462
Three-Minute Mysteries for Epistemologists
This is probably why Janet is now her own boss

More of my doppelgängers
Killers I have known
A dead cat in a bag

Whole lotta shakin’ going on
Bad boyfriend

Insert “Peter Lynn”; “old forum post”; “new blog entry”
Good ol’ Jake

Let your backbone slide
Stop! Hammer time!
She is Spartacus III

The best cooler in the business
My latest brush with the law
My dinner with Dickolas
The Cranial Report
Why I hate Mike Love
Here’s the deal with my sunburn
The evil that men do lives after them

A public service message from Wayne Gretzky
This just in: The Black Crowes also wrote some good songs
Kid Rock vs. Tommy Lee: A critical assessment
The Rideau Trail is a bitch goddess
Foiling Around
Pluto: Stupid planet for dumb jerks

Chester the Molester’s not without his charm
The List
Why I am not a great uncle

Sandy Mac Tire
And speaking of late-night comedy misfires …
Pissing on the USA

The Beta Flight Good News Report
Jack Palance: Finally dead

Please stop voting Rory Fitzpatrick into the NHL all-star game
My TV grandparents
Holiday lessons
Rory, Rory, quite … um … controry

And lastly, here is a collected (but likely incomplete) list of things I shouldn’t have said this year, and probably shouldn’t be repeating:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

One Response to “A 2006 MvC! Reader”

  1. Wow, I made it onto your list of essential 2006 posts. I’m honoured.

    Happy New Year, Mr. Man vs. Clown!

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