First you lick the toad, then you let it hump you


The Onion AV Club is soliciting love- and sex-related questions from readers to be answered in an upcoming feature by comedienne Sarah Silverman. Go here to ask her if she was really raped by Joe Franklin, as she claimed in The Aristocrats. I couldn’t help derailing the comment thread myself.* The odds are probably even that she’ll actually answer my question.

*The funny thing is that, while I always thought he looked like a smug toad and am still willing to take a pot shot at him, I’ve actually warmed up considerably to Jimmy Kimmel recently, having caught his show and found myself quite liking it. Now I only hate him because he’s the guy who gets to sleep with Sarah Silverman.

2 Responses to “First you lick the toad, then you let it hump you”

  1. Personally, I’ve always felt he looks like someone with Down Syndrome. Of course I feel bad about thinking that…since it could be taken as an insult to all those with Down Syndrome.

  2. I wonder if that means Scott could talk Jimmy Kimmel into trading him his cookies in exchange for a suck on Scott’s finger, as he did with his cousin with Down Syndrome.

    Also, I would love, love, love to see a talk show hosted by a guy with Down Syndrome.

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