100 Great 24 Moments and Answers to Trek trivia you didn’t care about


Nerd alert: Don’t say you weren’t warned.

A couple of posts ago, in my thoughts on the current season of 24, I mentioned that I could make four Star Trek connections to the cast of season six of 24. Well, as it turns out, there are at least eight.

The obvious two are that Alexander Siddig, who plays Hamir Al-Assad on 24, played Dr. Julian Bashir for the entire run of Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and that James Cromwell, who plays Jack’s dad, Phillip Bauer, was warp-drive inventor Zefram Cochrane in Star Trek: First Contact.

The less obvious ones I was thinking of were Raphael Sbarge, who played suburban dad/nuclear-blast victim Ray Wallace in 24 and was also the Kazon mole Michael Jonas in Star Trek: Voyager, and Gregory Itzin, who’s known to 24 fans as the disgraced President Charles Logan and to Star Trek fans from a variety of guest-starring roles (I recently caught him in the DS9 episode “Who Mourns for Morn?”).

However, I overlooked several other links, a couple of which perhaps should have been more obvious. First, Roger Cross, who played CTU agent Curtis Manning, has a well-established sci-fi resumé. I remembered him from a recurring role on First Wave but missed his turn as Tret in the Enterprise episode “Extinction” (possibly because I found Enterprise mostly unwatchable). Second, Tzi Ma, who plays Cheng Zhi, the head of security for the Chinese Consulate, had a small role as a biomolecular physiologist in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Samaritan Snare”. Third, Megan Gallagher played the wife of Sbarge’s character (variously named Jillian, Gillian, or Julianne Wallace, depended who you ask) and also had roles on both DS9 and Voyager. Last, Glenn Morshower, known to 24 fans as Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce as well as the only actor to appear in all six seasons of the show besides Kiefer Sutherland, has an impressive Trek pedigree, having appeared in various bit parts in the series TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise as well as the film Star Trek: Generations.

I haven’t heard anything about the pending return of Jude Ciccolella or Ray Wise, who played Mike Novick and Vice President Hal Gardner, but the former was Romulan commander Suran in Star Trek: Nemesis, and the latter had guest roles on TNG and Voyager. Either could pop up again, and Ciccolella wouldn’t be a surprise in the least. Michelle Forbes, who Trek fans know well as Ensign Ro Laren, also played presidential advisor Lynne Kresge, who hasn’t been seen since she was tossed down a flight of stairs on Day 2, but you never know when a 24 character’s going to suddenly reappear (after all, Milo’s back for the first time since Day 1). Same thing with Daniel Dae Kim, who played MACO Corporal Chang, a space marine stationed aboard the Enterprise NX-01, as well as CTU agent Tom Baker, although he’s probably too busy with his role on Lost to return.

Tom Wright, the titular character in “Tuvix”, a Voyager episode that prompted me to write an angry letter to Paramount and boycott the next couple of seaons of the show and still had my blood boiling when I rewatched it yesterday, played Admiral Kirkland in a couple of episodes last season, and Tony Todd, who played the adult Jake Sisko magnificently in DS9‘s “The Visitor” as well as Worf’s brother Kurn on TNG and DS9, had a small role as Detective Norris on Day 3 of 24. I wouldn’t bet on either to return, although I’d love to see either, as each was excellent in his Trek appearances. (I rate “The Visitor” among the top ten Trek episodes ever, and among the reasons I hated “Tuvix” the episode so much was that I loved Tuvix the character equally and was furious that they killed him off to bring back Tuvok and Neelix, being lukewarm on the former and downright despising the latter.)

I think we can safely count out Penny Johnson Jerald, Leslie Hope, and Peter Weller, who played Ben Sisko’s fiancée, Kasidy Yates; Major Kira Nerys’ mother, Kira Meru; and Terra Prime leader John Frederick Paxton from Enterprise, since their characters, Sherry Palmer, Teri Bauer, and Christopher Henderson, are all dead.

That’s not a full list of actors who have appeared in both the Star Trek and 24 universes (you can get a more complete listing by clicking on the link for Glenn Morshower), but you get the idea: Basically, all these people probably had a lot to talk about on the set.

Now, to give you plenty to watch, let me refer you to a great link presenting 100 Great 24 Moments, complete with YouTube footage of each one. I won’t spoil the number one pick for you, but I’ll tell you I wholeheartedly agree with it.

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