Suddenly, I also love a rainy night


Hi, me again. I know, after all that talk about Star Trek, you’d probably be surprised to hear that I even know what a girl looks like. But here’s one now. And she’s not just any girl, but the most graceful, athletic, 100% work-safe* pole dancer I can remember seeing. Nothing untoward or slutty here — just a little pole-dancing practice in the privacy of her own home, accompanied by the sweet, tinny strains of Eddie Rabbitt’s “I Love a Rainy Night”. Maybe that seems like an odd musical choice. Maybe you expected “Pour Some Sugar on Me” or “Girls, Girls, Girls”. But the girl’s just chilling out on a lazy afternoon with some catchy country pop and a little pole dancing.

* My definition of work-safe may have been warped by my last workplace, where a substantial part of my job required looking at pictures on women in bikinis, which sounds better than it actually is.

8 Responses to “Suddenly, I also love a rainy night”

  1. 1 Joe Red

    Wow. That’s not sexy at all, it’s just so damn impressive.

  2. 2 Sarah

    Just a little pole-dancing practice in the privacy of her own home with the video camera on.

  3. At my fencing club, we occasionally videotape ourselves during practice so we can go over the film later and analyze strong and weak points. I’m sure it’s the same thing here, and frankly, I admire her dedication to improving her craft.

  4. It’s still sexy.

  5. 5 the other Peter

    I, like most men, have been to a couple of strip clubs. Most of the time they felt like the place where sex goes to die, a kind of lust mortuary. That is most times because I once went to a place that was fun. The girl on stage was having fun, the crowd was fun, it was just a good time. True the girl on stage was naked but it almost wasn’t the point. This video reminded me of that. Thanks Pete

  6. 6 Sarah

    Oh… and she posted it online so that other pole-dancers may gain ideas and also hone their skills. Now I understand. What a civic-minded girl.

  7. I’m with Other Peter: I do like this, but I don’t like strip clubs. Did I ever mention on this blog about the time I accidentally made a stripper feel bad about herself?

  8. 8 Gloria

    I think you need to, now.

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