What’s oil thigh na banrighinn in German?


Normally, I flip through the Queen’s Alumni Review just to see which classmates have made bigger successes of themselves than I have and which former flames have gotten married or given birth. But this issue also contained a noteworthy bit in the Editor’s Notebook that does nothing to diminish Queen’s University’s reputation for having an overwhelmingly white student body, in contrast to the diversity seen at some other institutions:

“… every so often a missive arrives that stops me cold. That happened last fall, when an elderly German-born alumna wrote to complain about Homecoming Weekend student conduct on Aberdeen Street. What upset her was a quote in a Review article in which the speaker compared rowdy students to ‘drunken Hitler Youth.’ The letter writer found that comment extremely offensive. The unexpected twist in her argument was that she claimed to have been a member of the Hitler Youth in the 1930s, and protested, ‘We never drank or behaved as badly as Queen’s students!'”

The remainder of the Editor’s Notebook is devoted to discussion of why, after some debate, they chose not to publish another letter from an Arts ’49 alumnus that disputed the historical accuracy of the Holocaust.

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