A terrible commercial won’t stop me from buying Pizza Pops


Here’s an underrated pleasure of consumerism: going to a grocery store you don’t ordinarily frequent and finding products you like in varieties you hadn’t previously known were available. Today, I picked up the following:

  • Tandoori Sizzler Doritos
  • Fudgsicle Fury Breyers ice cream
  • Schneiders Cheeseburger Hot Stuffs
  • Pillsbury Three Meat Pizza Pops

Yes, I know how awful all this stuff is for me. But on the other hand, trying new things is good for you.

7 Responses to “A terrible commercial won’t stop me from buying Pizza Pops”

  1. 1 B

    Be careful with that Fudgsicle Fury, that shit sounds dangerous.

  2. I thought it sounded like a pretty angry ice cream. But it just tastes like chocolate. It turned out that the dangerous item was the Schneiders Cheeseburger Hot Stuffs. When It bit into one, a blast of scalding hot air burned my face and I had to ice it for the next couple of hours. They taste pretty good though — like McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

  3. 3 B

    Now THAT’S a manly scar story!

  4. 4 MC

    I just tried those Lays Spicy Curry chips… you have to get a bag of those if you’ve never taken the leap.

    It is like samosas in a bag, it is truly freaky.

  5. Oh, I know. They’re fantastic. I’ve been raving to my family about them, only to be met with perplexed looks. I guess Toronto was a test market or something, because they don’t seem to have been available in small towns. I hope that injustice has been or will be corrected.

    Also, I notice that Tandoori Sizzler Doritos seem to be getting a promotional push now (there’s a commercial airing as I type), so I’m hoping they’re here to stay.

    Also, while I’m giving reviews, the Schneiders Cheeseburger Hot Stuffs tastes like a McDonald’s cheeseburger. It just burns like McDonald’s coffee.

    • 6 chris

      what!! those cheeseburgers…..they’re the worst tasting stuff i’ve ever tasted by far. And you can’t even try to imagine what i’m ready to eat.

  6. 7 MC

    Well, they seem to have full penetration down here in my neck of the woods(in the deep south of Ontario), so it seems likely that they are getting a bit more of a push now.

    I also tried those Tandoori Doritos after I had the Spicy Curry Lays, and the Doritos come off rather poorly in that comparison.

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