Things I shouldn’t have said #18

  • “I don’t see the fuss about this astronaut woman wearing a diaper. Astronauts pee in their spacesuits all the time. That’s why every little kid wants to be an astronaut. It’s a job where it’s okay to pee yourself anytime you want.”
  • “Saying ‘Jesus’ in a church is really no worse than saying ‘shit’ in an outhouse or ‘fuck’ in a whorehouse.”
  • “That little girl is so adorable. Every time I see her, I just want to kidnap her and raise her as my own.”

3 Responses to “Things I shouldn’t have said #18”

  1. 1 Riley

    I don’t see anything wrong with any of these. You’re slipping, Mr. Lynn.

  2. 2 Nick

    Riley’s right, Pete. These are considerably more docile than your usual race-bashing, mysoginy, and insensitivity toward the disabled. I can actually picture my mom saying the third one.

  3. The third is mainly notable because the little girl’s mother was about ten feet away when I said it.

    I don’t remember saying anything race-bashing.

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