Happy birthday, Sara


Bad uncle that I usually am, I remembered without prompting that today is my niece Sara’s birthday. Actually, I remembered last Thursday, March 8, that my mother had been repeating something like “It’s exactly a month before your birthday” to make it sink in. Remembering that my own birthday was in a month, I phoned to boast to my niece about my memory wizardry (and also to wish her a happy birthday). However, it was then that I was reminded my niece’s birthday is actually a month after my younger sister’s birthday, which is February 13, and which I may have forgotten, come to think of it.

At any rate, I wished my niece a happy birthday, even though, by all rights, I ought to have hung up on her immediately and made her wait five days. Now that the actual day has arrived, let me mark the occasion by posting the following comic, which she wrote when she was three years old, and which I drew, inked, framed, and gave to her. (Click to enlarge.)

A boss gives an employee five, his pink slip.

P.S. My rarely seen housemate Mark had his niece and nephew over today, and at some point, the sound of children’s voices topped and all I heard for the rest of the day was an electric saw being used in the basement. I wonder if he killed them.

One Response to “Happy birthday, Sara”

  1. 1 Sara

    Thanks Uncle Peter.

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