Curtains for Shanel


My rarely seen housemate Mark and I were discussing the hole in our kitchen ceiling earlier. It’s right below the bathroom, which means that water drips through when someone upstairs takes a shower. This situation has lasted for years, but the closest thing to a repair job that Brain-Damaged Toula has made was to put a bathmat on the tile floor below the hole (which has now gone missing). Even this was only done because a couple of times I’ve come out of my room, which adjoins the kitchen, only to slip in a puddle, fall, and get badly injured. I told Mark that possibly the worst part was that at least one of these times, I was wearing only a bathrobe and may have accidentally exposed myself to our old housemate Shanel while I was busy landing on the floor on my back.

This led to a story I hadn’t heard. Mark says that he once went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, only to hear snoring coming from behind the drawn shower curtain. Now, Shanel and her boyfriend really liked to drink, so Mark figured that one of them had curled up in the tub for some reason and passed out. Mark pulled back the curtain, and sure enough, there was Shanel, fast asleep in the tub. Except, however, she was stark naked and up to her neck in lukewarm bathwater.

Mark closed the curtain and left. Shortly afterward, he heard Shanel get out of the tub and go to her room, probably having been awakened by the sound of the curtain opening and closing. Mark says he never mentioned the incident to her. I’m glad he told me, though. I’m also glad she didn’t drown herself.

2 Responses to “Curtains for Shanel”

  1. 1 tinabellina

    Where do you find these roommates? Because it sounds like they keep things exciting.

  2. That’s what happens when Brain-Damaged Toula is in charge of finding the new roommates. I haven’t even mentioned the beautiful but bipolar Sarah, who once gave me a half-dozen bottles of her medication to hold onto overnight because she was worried she might not be able to keep herself from swallowing all the pills.

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