In which I happily plug Janet


I was just doing a little routine maintenance on my blogroll, and I just remembered something I’ve been meaning to mention for about a month. You may remember my friend Janet, who’s been variously mentioned from time to time as leading girl scout revolts, quitting her job in a huff, poisoning marine life, and spraying me with holy water. Usually a reliable source of interesting drama, she’s been relatively subdued for a few months, since the night she frantically telephoned me, dead drunk and convinced she was going to wind up sliced in half in a vacant lot like the Black Dahlia. (The ad campaign for that movie was surprisingly effective on her.)

However, she did start a blog dedicated to showcasing paintings that she’s selling on eBay. How many fine art majors actually end up as working artists? I’m proud of her even if she can’t hyperlink to save her life. I think the idea is that if you see something you like, you should just go over to eBay and search for “Janet Hill”. (I just tried it, and it seems to work well enough, although it’d be better if she gave direct links to her auctions.) Why not go have a look at Janet’s new online gallery?

8 Responses to “In which I happily plug Janet”

  1. 1 Joe Red

    When you said “plug Janet,” I had been expecting something entirely different.

  2. 2 thea

    me too. What you did was plug Janet’s project.

  3. 3 Gloria

    Three here. It couldn’t have been a mistake.

  4. 4 John W

    Gee, and just when I thought you were a classy guy…

  5. Well, I can’t see why anyone could possibly think that.

  6. 6 Riley

    She can’t hyperlink to save her life you say? So is the first half of this post some sort of ironic criticism, or were you just lazy?
    I can remember most of those Janet anecdotes easily enough, but the poisoning marine life one escapes me. But I guess I could go search for it myself.

  7. I’m lazy, obviously. But what I meant is that her blog would fulfill its purpose better if each entry directly linked to its eBay auction. But I don’t think she learned much HTML when she was getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

    Also, I guess she probably actually choked the marine life, the marine life in question being her father’s beloved loach.

    By the way, I’m 99% positive that John W is Janet’s new fiancĂ©, who I’ve yet to actually meet. See how I’m getting off on the right foot? I hear good things, though.

  8. 8 Scott

    Little does Peter know that the phrase “getting off on the right foot” has nothing to do with ejaculation.

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